Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Facade


The new facade of Tita's cafe at San Francisco- Zamora branch.

I was surprised to see this change.


Tammie said...

surprised in a good way or a bad way? it's a bit garish i think.
but of course i never saw it before, maybe Tita's desperately needed a facelift.

the donG said...

the man in the picture looks furious. nice shot.

Kayni said...

i like the colors. it looks like a really cool place to have a snack.

Layrayski said...

tammie-- good way. The colors clash, I admit, but the store has something new. Its nice.

the dong-- hehe glad you like his furious look =)

kayni-- their siopao is very good as well as their lumi. =)

turtle said...

i like the pose of the man in front. i see the siopao. beautiful colors.

Kris said...

I like the colours, it draws the eye.

What sort of food do they have?

Layrayski said...

turtle-- thanks =)

kris-- they'll like that you think so, kris =) the food are the usual fast food ala mcdonalds plus other filipino snacks. siopao, mami, spring rolls etc.

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