Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunset at Lopez Jaena Street

Photo by Toto Flores

I ran across some Butuanon photographers/enthusiasts at Multiply while I was doing my routine blog hopping. I almost screamed in delight when I stumbled across Toto Flores' page. He has an album about Butuan! And the best thing is, he was kind enough to agree to lend me his photo of Lopez Jaena Street on this blog. =)


Anonymous said...

Nice looking photograph. The sky is beautiful.

Layrayski said...

Thanks Abraham Lincoln, I'm just so happy to find someone else photographing my city because there are some places that I have never gone to, or doesn't go to. Its great that I found another perspective to this city. =)

Hilda said...

Please tell Toto that his photo is beautiful!

Layrayski said...

I will!!! Hahaha I said thank you to Abraham as if I took the photo haha

the donG said...

beautiful shot from toto. i still have friends there in butuan. hopefully ill be able to visit them in the future.

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