Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sapatos sa Langihan...

Photo by Cathapulan

According to my contributor of the day Cathapulan, they were waiting at Langihan Market when all of a sudden her brother said that he'll be back and got out of the car. He saw some shoe peddlers hawking their wares in the street. Of course he had to go try out some Chucks that he saw.
This was the picture. And that is the brother, I think.

Sakto ba Cath?

Butuanons, rich or poor, are fond of ukay-ukay-- (the equivalent of salvation army goods, I think.


Hilda said...

Haaay, kahit gusto ko man, hindi ako makabili ng shoes sa tiangge or most Filipino shoe stores even. I did mention I'm tall, right? E di siyempre, mas malaki din ang paa ko compared to most Filipinos. Hassle. And expensive! =(

Tammie said...

I think we all love a good bargain.

Eki Akhwan said...

Is sapatos the Tagalog word for shoes?

Then, it's the same as Indonesian word for it: sepatu.

Cathapulan said...

Yes Lyr. Sakto kaau Hehe. Salamat sa pag post. Hehehe.

Layrayski said...

hilda-- Nope you didn't, how tall are you? I imagine how it must be difficult to find shoes your size.I haven't really bought any shoes from a second hand shop. I'm very particular with my shoes. haha j/k.

tammie-- yup! Hehehe

eki-- isn't that amazing?

Cathapulan-- I think I was drunk when I posted this. Its a good think I scheduled this in advance or else I'd miss one day, yesterday. Had to work the whole day. Thanks for the photo! Its great! =)

Anonymous said...

hahaha as in? nanu man ka drunk? hehe. unsai celebration?? jukira gud nimo hehe.. aw ako sad usahay kai mucomment kos akong multiply na wala sa saktong pang huna2 kai naka inom. usahay mu blog paman gani haha.

cath here BTW.

Layrayski said...

mura lang hihi kay wala man nako na han-ay akong thought. gi schedule ug post baya ni nako Cath. tapos pag mag inana ako man na gina edit pa, tapos na busy man wala jud nako na edit na.

Uy! the best na ang drunk blogging, I've done that a number of times myself. haha

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