Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I saw these three weed-like plant growing at our backyard one day. It grew from small, unremarkable green weed until the day my father brought a few vegetables for lunch. It was okra. I didn't use to associate green, slimy vegetable with this pretty yellow flower until now.


Tammie said...

UGH..i hate okra....but the flower is gorgeous. i never knew the two were connected either.

kayni said...

in contrary, i love okra in "pinakbet" as my dad makes it all the time. the flower is beautiful.

Layrayski said...

hehe I echo your sentiment tammie.

I have eaten okra, tried it just to follow my new motto of trying anything at least once (with regards to food)and didn't like it. I remember it as not tasting as bad as I thought it would-- but the sliminess? I just can't take. ew. Sorry kayni! I'll probably post a pinakbet as I go along with this daily thing. Hehe

Hilda said...

Never did like okra much — I really just hate the slimy texture, though I like the taste. A lot of fruits and vegetables start as flowers, but we mostly don't see them in the flowering stage unless we have the plant.

I doubt I'll ever post them in My Manila, but you might like the flowers I just posted in Happy at Home. =)

Layrayski said...

ha. Me too. The slippery texture is its drawback. I love the flowers Hilda. Very pretty!

Vlado&Toni said...

wow, beautiful, i didn't know they look like this. i planted okra in my garden but they are not flowering, maybe i planted them a bit late. next summer again again, good thing i still have some seeds left from my last trip in the philippines. bought the seeds at sm megamall :)

Layrayski said...

The plant is really quite ugly, no? So it was really a surprise to see the flower produced by this unassuming plant. Good luck on your okra planing toni!

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