Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Thing I hate...

Is the practice of burning dry leaves as a way of maintaining 'cleanliness' and 'neatness' of the surroundings.
Health Hazard
I don't think many people here are aware of the consequences of this very irritating practice.
P.s. My Internet is back, there was a brief interruption of our cable but so far everything is okay. I just pray for those people who are most affected by the situation. The economic situation here in the Philippines is getting worse and add to the mix is this murders and acts of terrorism (how else would one describe them?) what will become of our country now and in the future?
Today is the day Ninoy Aquino died. A Filipino hero who once said that the Filipino people is worth dying for. Makes one think. A lot.
(First photo taken with Kodak DC290 2 mega pixel camera)


Hilda said...

Ugh, I hate that too! But hasn't it been made illegal already? Our barangay is very strict in enforcing it, thank goodness! Garbage segregation too. Helps when you live in a barangay where most of the old folks are former professors with PhDs. ;)

Glad to hear you're fine. But the conflict is just awful — too many civilians getting affected. Now that, I hate.

Layrayski said...

It is illegal. But you know how it is... I can contemplate murder when this happens in the middle of my sleep and I just came from a graveyard shift... UGh! Grrr! And I have very sensitive nose!

Yes, the killings is awful. It makes me think bad thoughts about humanity in general.

Tammie said...

this is done here in the US to and I hate it as well. i dont know if its illegal or not here. i compost my leaves and food scraps---it's a bit more work but much better for the environment.

glad you're safe.....i was thinking of you :)

dustin said...

One of my favorite pics on your site. I like the glass shards installed on top of the wall. I recall often seeing that in Butuan. Helps keep out robbers AND prevents birds from landing and crapping on the walls.

Furthermore...I like the smell of burning vegetation. But I understand some people have particular sensitivities to such. ;)

dustin said...

Oh, I almost forgot... I hope I get an iamninoy shirt for Christmas! :D

Layrayski said...

tammie-- I didn't know burning of garbage is still practiced there. Composting make more sense to me. And I hope I didn't worry you guys too much. There's been major changes at home. No telephone anymore-- We're gonna apply to another company etc. I'm always thinking of you too. Love that piece you did about consumerism. Sheesh. I could've written my comment on your piece there, huh? =)

dustin-- I have a few photos of the said glass shards on the concrete fence but they all turned up pretty ugly. On second thought they were taken with my old camera--no macro setting. Mmm... maybe I'll try to photograph them again. Hehe

Oh you've seen the Ninoy episode on TV? hehe

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