Monday, August 25, 2008

Same Old...

Busa Store. This used to be my favorite hunt in my youth (ouch) They sell (used to?) cassette tapes, books, and magazines. Right now they are still the place you go to when you need your daily fix of newspaper. Or nameplates. Or if you want your name printed beautifully on an important document. etc. etc.

(Sigh! brings back memories of eagerly awaiting the latest albums of my favorite musicians or the sequels to my paperback addiction.)


Hilda said...

They don't have the music and books anymore? Or is the printing an additional service?

Bookstores and libraries have always been my favorite hang-outs too. I'm so glad my husband shares my passion for books. On second thought, I think he's worse than me!

Tammie said...

what books did you read?

when i was a young girl i read a couple of series. one was called The Babysitters Club and the other was Sweet Valley High.

Both seem so silly now so that is embarrassing to admit.

(eek. im getting old. i just started a sentence with "when i was a young girl..." AAAAHHHH)

Vlado&Toni said...

oh we have to those places in baguio too, or used to have i guess. now that sm baguio is there. all the smaller shops are affected with the competion and lost/are losing their businesses.

JM said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! Yes, you can download the 'Ocenário' pic to your computer! :-) Thanks for asking.

kayni said...

i barely remember such buildings anymore. i've been away too long; i think, but i do know that when i see the buildings that remind me of my childhood, i'd jump for joy.

Layrayski said...

hilda-- I haven't checked so I can't say for sure, hilda. It is great that your spouse shares the same interest as you. =)

tammie-- I read sweet valley twins, high and the other, babysitter's club, nancy drew, hardy boys and romances haha but I'm not embarrassed at all by it. in fact I still have my nancy drew on display. I haven't really grown up that much. =)

vlado&toni--exactly! That's how these old establishments are losing business. malls. Or mall, in our case.

jm-- i think i now know why i really liked your photo. Its my dream house caught on digital media. =) and thanks! i love the huge windows of the oceanario building. but of course it will remain a dream. Maybe i'll build a similar structure on land. =)

kayni-- does your comment mean that you jumped for joy when you saw this? *grin*

Kris said...

As long as you are reading something, there is nothing to be embarrassed about!

Layrayski said...

Right kris! =) Haha so what are you reading right now?

M. Busa said...

To Layrayski,

Really? Is it your dream house?

I always stay in that building when I'm in Butuan. It is really old and we use most of the space as's like a haunted house. Good thing we got 11 dogs in there. My grandfather built that building. My uncles and my aunties say that it was the first concrete building in Butuan. I really love that building though. It is where I grew up. It was never repainted yet I still find it charming.

I miss the days when we used to house our "tinderas" and our "boys". It was so much fun then. Most of our relatives who resided in the building have long passed away which makes that building so can feel someone is watching over you.

But if given a chance... I would still love to own that building..perhaps, buy it from all other members of the family and restore it to its original beauty and use it as an ancestral house. =)

Taga said...

i will be in butuan late next month. i will try to take photos of old buildings there. i left butuan in 1978 and only returned in 2006 and 2008. this will be my third since 2006.

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