Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On a Hot Sunny Day Like Today...

I had a nice bowl of ube, macapuno and mango ice cream.

What is your favorite flavor?

Mine is ube. Macapuno is not bad either.

(Yup, this is my version of a fresh new photo)

and this is my second bowl of melted ice cream. Did I say today is hot?


Hilda said...

Por diyos, you just ate three of my least favorite flavors! Hahaha!

I'm lactose-intolerant anyway and can't handle ice cream. Frozen yoghurt na lang… :)

Layrayski said...

Haha you know I had a feeling you're gonna say that. I was waiting for your reaction hehehe

I had cramps before when I eat dairy products. Thank goodness it disappeared. *cross fingers*

mirage2g said...

Ube! and rocky road, both which they dont have here! lol.

kayni said...

I love Ube and if I remember they also have cheese flavor back there. But, any ice cream will do =).

Tammie said...

i had never heard of ube or macapano---im glad you provided the link to the description. they both sound delicious.

my favorite ice cream is called "chubby hubby"--its vanilla ice cream with fudge and peanut butter swirls and peanut butter filled pretzels. it is amazing. and it satisfies that sweet/salty craving i always get.

im getting hungry

Layrayski said...

mirage2g-- really? They don't have rocky road there? Too bad. Well at least eating ube and rocky road when you come home here in the Phil is something you can look forward to. =)

kayni-- you like the cheese ice cream? mmm its a flavor that I can tolerate but not really like. haha yeah if its icecream it tends to be good!

tammie-- Glad you found the links useful! Ube and macapuno flavors (more on ube) are normal part of the filipino ice cream experience =) Your favorite ice cream really sounds interesting. Hehe I'm not really a big peanut butter fan. But sometimes when I do eat peanut butter its usually with bread or crackers and sometimes the Reese' =)I saw some photos of the ice cream you have there, if I ever have the chance to visit the states I'd like to try ice cream flavors not found here. =)

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