Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day

In the life of a Maya bird. I haven't been around the city lately. It's work- home-work-home and back again. This is why I'm posting this bird photo. It's a Maya (I think), formerly the Philippine bird. Freedom, which I sorely lack, is symbolized by this bird. Can you see what I mean? Hehe its tiny. It's the best that my 10x camera can do.

On second thought, this bird reminds me of myself.


Hilda said...

Take it easy, Lay!

Layrayski said...

Thanks Hilda. :)

kayni said...

Same here. It's been pretty much the same routine - work and home. Like you, I long to just do what my heart desires - travel, read, go to the movies etc., but I have to think of paying the bills and other responsibilities. I do have to say, that the bird looks contented just seeing the world high up on the electric wiring.

Layrayski said...

We share a lot, Kayni. :)

I like his pensiveness. :)

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