Friday, July 11, 2008

Buco Juice!

The climate here in Butuan ranges from sunny hot to occasional drizzles. This is probably the reason the buco juice (with milk and sugar) seller across Gaisano, corner Pili drive extension has a thriving business. Deliciously cold Buco juice to alleviate the heat.

My friend, who I just realized buys street drinks, attests to the sanitary condition of the juice. Mmm. I'm a bit picky myself. If I have to buy a coconut juice I'd prefer it still in coconut husk and shell. I haven't seen my friend writhing in stomach pain and other gastronomical discomfort so I guess it's safe. People are really buying this stuff. Kudos to the seller!


vlado&toni said...

yes, i used to drink those drinks i love sago and gulaman, before but after a while i stopped although i actually had hepatitis shots ;) so i was safe and immune :)

Layrayski said...

I have my shots too. And I don't, in my recollection, remember that same friend turning yellow, so... *grin*

Hilda said...

Agree with you about the whole coconut. The bottled ones are okay too. ;)

Layrayski said...

Hehe on the other hand we may be missing something by not partaking of this cool refreshing drink... hihi

kayni said...

i used to drink lots of these in grade school. i love buko juice, although i have to agree, i'd rather drink it straight from the coconut fruit.

Layrayski said...

I like buco with milk if we make it ourselves,no? Mahirap magkasakit ngayong panahon na ito. Hehe

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