Monday, June 30, 2008

My photo shoot in Butuan last week was a fun, informative andap cheap one. I told my friend that we'll go out and spend as little as possible. It was trouble I think from the get go because the idea of eating out kept on taunting me. I wasn't even hungry.

Anyway we did spent an hour without eating anything until we spied this tri-sikad/bakeshop rolling down the road. All in all I spent less than 100 pesos or 2 dollars on my trip. This includes all the fare and snacks. Mmmm... I wonder if I can manage on only one dollar next time. Haha.


kayni said...

hello. is that really a rolling bakery (tri-sikad)? i've never seen one.

thanks for visiting my blog. i'll be visiting here often.

Layrayski said...

Yes it was really a rolling trisikad/bakery. It was the first time I've seen one too, now that I think about it. haha

TruBlue said...

I'm not a blogger but only a commenter mostly in "Bill Bilig's From the Boondocks". Saw some of your comments and decide to visit. You are doing a credible job posting pics of your hometown and the environment. You might think it's a small matter but to many like myself, it's a great service to everyone, anyone who visits.

Isn't the Igorot/Bisaya dancer/actor Marky Cielo
from Butuan City?

Cheers to you and goodhealth!

Layrayski said...

Hi trublue! Wow thanks. My original purpose is to provide the Butuanons/visitors their daily dose of Butuan so that they'd feel as if they've never left. Or that's my hope anyway. Hehe

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