Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's embarrassing to admit how ignorant I am about the city I grew up in. Do you know that its only when I start this Butuanon blog that I start to see the little things that's interesting about this place? For example this figure of a knife (I think) is what they call the WW II veteran's shrine. If I wasn't doing this blogging thing I wouldn't have seen this. It would've blended with the surroundings.

I'm sure if you'll ask anybody who's living here in this city right now they wouldn't be able to tell you where this is located.

This photo was taken across the post office, actually. It was a mini rotunda, I think.

First photo edited using photoscape. It would've been an extra boring photo otherwise. It was an overcast day. No clouds and pretty blue sky.

...And congratulations Manny Pacquiao! I wasn't able to see the fight because of some unavoidable circumstances aka work but I heard it was quite a fight.


Hilda said...

So aren't you glad you're blogging? After this, you can be a one-woman tourist information center for Butuan. ;)

It looks like the tip of a spear, but I wouldn't know either. I love the pattern on the body though.

Steven (Cavite Daily Photo) said...

wow! That's so nice to hear all about the new things you start learning about Butuan! Great job! Wow that's knife! Very interesting thing it is!

Have a great week ahead layrayski!


bill bilig said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Blogging really makes us more aware of our "sariling bayan" ano? I've also learned a lot about my place when I started blogging.

Congrats to the Pacman :-)

Layrayski said...

Hi Hilda-- Yup I'm glad I got the bright idea to start a blog about my hometown, found parisdailyphoto, and now here we are hehehe

steven-- It is great, isn't it? I'm finding purpose of my life. haha

Bill bilig-- Thanks for coming by to check on mine too! The things we learn because of blogging. Hehe

Congrats to pacman!!!

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