Sunday, June 8, 2008


A boy at the Butuan Regional Museum garden.


Hilda said...

I apologize for the late visit, but welcome to CDP! Your photos are so nicely shot! I sure hope that my husband and I will be able to visit Butuan one of these days.

Layrayski said...

Hi Hilda, as I was still undecided about joining CDP I already saw you and cavite daily photo blogs. I've been around the world too, so to speak. Hehe. Thank you! I just got my camera and I'm still learning about photography. Slowly. hehehe. Thanks for the visit and the welcome!

Layrayski said...

And come visit my city soon!

mirage2g said...

Hello! I didn't knew that Butuan was listed at the CDP already, sorry for the late welcome. =) You visited my other blog about the Hana Yori Dango (with Meteor Garden) post, I also maintain Vienna Daily, add kita sa sidebar ko! =)

Around the World said...

Your blog has been included in our guide.

Around The World with Daily Photoblogs Old and New is a brief history of the City Daily Photoblog movement and a guide to sites around the world.

Although originally arising from the CDPB lists this is an independent publication. Inclusion here does not imply that a blog is officially a CDPB. Our criteria are that photographs mainly from a specific geographical location (not necessarily a "city" but usually more specific than a whole country or region) are posted at dated intervals (not necessarily daily), and archives are searchable by date.

Please keep us informed of any changes to your details.

Layrayski said...

Hi Mirage2g! You're a filipino! Where in the Philippines are you from? Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll add you to mine, too! hehehe

around the world-- Thank you for making me a part of the around the world community. Thank you! :)

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