Monday, June 9, 2008

King of Butuan Roads

This photo just goes to show who is king of Butuan roads. The sea of orange says it all. (The king along the tricycle-allowed streets, anyway.)

Have you heard the news? The tricycle fare is now 7 pesos. That's the regular fare, according to one surly driver.

And to add insult to the injury-- rice prices? Ugh! 48 Pesos per kilo. I've read Lianga Diary's blog about the increasing prices of rice and its effect on Lianga and its people. I think its a beautifully written blog. Nindot.

And check my other post about tricycle.


Hilda said...

Ang laki ng tricycles ninyo, at ibang-iba kaysa sa amin. Sa likod ang pasukan nito? Parang jeepney?

I also posted one in March about our tricycle. So much smaller than yours.

Layrayski said...

Yup!Our tricycle can seat up to 6 passengers as what I posted on my other blog about tricycles. Cagayan's motorela can seat even more. Ang cute naman ng tricycles ninyo. Di kaya sayang sa gasolina? Parang nakita ko na ang trend dito sa amin. Maximizing space. Hehehe

And yes, sa likod may 4 passengers. Sa harap 2.

mirage2g said...

Cool Tricycles! At pare pareho pa ng kulay!!

Layrayski said...

heheh oo nga. Uniform ang orange. Kakatawa. Funny.

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