Monday, May 5, 2008

Last week I accompanied someone to the airport. It was a sad affair. Goodbyes and all.

And waiting for the plane to arrive.

So we talked, took our pictures, took pictures of others.

There were a few mobile vendors like this roaming around the airport. They were selling kalamay (sweet dessert packaged in a coconut shell), ice cream and peanuts.

I was giddy when I shot that picture. Wee!

It was a product of lying on the grass while waiting for the airplane to arrive.

I searched my collection for a similar photos to make this a blog for the mobile and not so mobile
tinderos and tinderas.

Mabuhay ang ating tinderos and tinderas!

Photos taken using my Nokia 6280, Kodak DC 290 and Fujifilm S5700.

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