Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A tragic day in Butuan

To those who frequent this blog I apologize for not updating this site daily as I promised. It seems that sometimes when it rains it really pours and that is what happened. There was a lot of technical difficulties that add up together. Unfortunately this post after my brief absence isn't very sunny at all. There was a fire incident yesterday morning, April 9, 2008 at Brgy. Limaja, Langihan (according to the fire department) Butuan City.

I happen to glance outside from my window and I saw this-

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I called the fire station at 10.30 am to make sure that they already know about the fire. I was worried because I didn't hear any sirens at all. I thought the fire was only at Zamora street. Look at how near the smoke looks from my bedroom window and I live at Guingona area. The good news was that the firetruck was already on its way. I just hope there were no casualties (?) I just heard from my mother that approximately 200 houses burned down. I haven't confirmed it yet but I will soon after I finish writing this up.

Before our day is totally ruined by this tragic news this morning I will leave you with a few photos taken at the new crossing of the new bridge. You know, the road at the end of South of Montilla. The place is great for taking photos of sunset and other only- in- the- Philippines happenings.


topsyturvy said...

nindot ang last pic. kanang naai sunset oh. hehe.

Anonymous said...

hello Lyra...I am a fan of your blog site....such a wonderful nice source of information for the daily life in Butuan... I have posted some of your labeled photos in a skyscraper thread I have created...

Please visit:

and see your masterpieces..

you may join in as one of our contributors or forumers..

Good work and God bless..

Anonymous said...

makainlove ang last pic

Layrayski said...

Thank you anonymous 2x :)

Kayni said...

the last photo is my favorite. i'm hoping there are no casualties from the fire.

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