Monday, March 31, 2008

Plaza Photo Parade

I found myself walking in the park. The plaza, to be exact. Its a good thing I wasn't alone. It makes me bolder in taking photos in public. Yep, believe it or not even if I have loads of photos taken in public places I still get timid. It's something I have to get over with, I guess.

So there I was in the Plaza with my camera and and willing subjects at hand. It was a combination that made it a fun day. When I think of going out, hanging out I never thought of going to the park. The first thing that usually comes to mind is Gaisano. Well that one afternoon changed me. I'll probably add Plaza at the bottom my list next time! At least it's on the list, right? *grin*

How could I not change my mind? Look at those people just sitting there, relaxing. No dreaded gangs of thugs lurking to assault us. Fingers crossed.

Who doesn't want a willing photo subject?

After looking at this picture again, I realized that I haven't had a puto and kutsinta for a long time.

I'm glad nobody slapped me for taking their pics. One thing I keep in mind is to ask people's permission first. A negative thing about it is you lose some unguarded expression that they have. But what the heck, at least you don't get bitch-slap for taking a photo of them without permission.

I guess its time to go home.

Until next time. Bye!

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