Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunset at Butuan City Sports Complex

The sports community in Butuan is active as evidenced by the sweaty and endorphin- filled atmosphere of Butuan City Sports complex last Saturday afternoon. Mostly young athletes (high school and college) were playing different sports like volleyball, softball, football (soccer) and frisbee. Different age groups ranging from elementary-age kids up to middle aged adults, were jogging or walking around the gravel (?) oval track field. There were even a couple of dog owners walking their dogs around the area. The place was bustling!

The sunset from the perspective of the Sports complex was admittedly beautiful. Unfortunately, the place itself isn't as pretty. Trash were everywhere (If you are planning on doing a clean- up drive, count me in!), the grasses aren't well maintained, and the oval track is still in its natural soil condition.

I was googling on the proper name of the Butuan City Sports Complex and the name of the asphalt like material for the oval track and I happened to see this article of how our Mayor Amante is planning on improving the state of our Sports Complex:


It's already 2012 while waiting for this project to come true, why don't we do our part by not throwing our litter everywhere and, even better, do a clean up drive oh young sportsmen/ and women of Butuan?


Jim Klenke said...

beautiful sunset, seem like littering in parks is common all over.

Layrayski said...

That's a shame. I realize the sports complex has been the place where concerts and other huge gathering of people are held- I just wish that the people hosting those events will think of the "after care' of the place.

Zumi said...

Hello, I have a lot of relatives in Butuan and for me it is one of peaceful and relaxing place. This place also is a suitable location for sports like frisbee and other sports. Hope to visit this place again soon. Thanks.

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