Saturday, August 25, 2012

People on The Street...

When you wait enough on a given street, you will get a relatively interesting photo. It's good to see more and more people are using helmet while riding their motorcycle. Although the unsafe practice of having more than the allowed number of passengers riding is still prevalent here. It is common to see a whole family riding a small motorcycle or scooter. Father, mother, children (as in more than one kid).

Which reminds me that I think Butuanons are still in the Level 1 pre-conventional- Obedience and Punishment mode (Kohlberg). I see so many (but not as many as before) people riding the motorcycle wearing helmet not on their head but on the crook of their arms, without fastening the straps properly, or even without straps. They use the helmet not to protect themselves but to avoid paying fines (but I'm sure it doesn't only happen here).

This is funny and hypocritical of me, and I should't really say something about this topic, because I have been a passenger of motorcycles and haven't been wearing helmets in most of my rides. But I really will try to have a helmet the next time I ride one again. I have been attempting to buy a helmet but so far the ones I liked doesn't fit on my head. (Excuses...).

Its been awhile since I have been taking photos of people in the streets, it showed while I was taking this photo because after I took a couple of pictures the woman asked me what I was doing, or if I was taking her picture. It must be because of the way I acted suspicious and guilty. Which is weird because most of the time I just fear someone will grab my camera. He he he. Anyway I showed her the pictures I took and explained that I am a crazy person and take pictures of everything. :D

Photo also taken on the same street as yesterday. Jose Rosales Avenue, Butuan City.

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