Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brownout Again? Ugh!


When you walk around the city you can't help notice these strange, heat emitting, sound pollution producing contraptions. It would seem that in every street there are generators. But no matter how ugly these things are, they are now part of the daily life of Butuanons and maybe the rest of Mindanao. (There are days where we get up to ten hours of brownout!)

If businesses hope to continue to thrive they must invest in these things to survive the so called Mindanao Power crisis.


Hilda said...

I thought I'd never hear from you again!

Gosh, Lyra, I didn't realize that it's that bad there! Ten hours is awful — I can only imagine what it's doing to Mindanao's economy. Has it begun to rain in the early evenings there?

Layrayski said...

Hi Hilda :) hehe Thanks for the welcome back comment hehe yeah well, sorry for leaving. I'm not sure if my return is for keeps but I'm gonna take this one day at a time. hehe

yes Hilda, we have rainy days here. And yes ten days is awful. And they keep on changing the sked at their whim, it seems. tsk tsk

arabesque said...

hi lay! sooo nice to hear from you again! finally! ^0^ hehe.
and yes, take this one day at a time...^-^
i hope butuan's okay despite the continuous b.out...
whaaa! for 10 hours! too long! :(
ang init pa naman!
what is the gov't really up to? ^0^

Dustin said...

Just as long as the bowling alley has enough power, then I am ok.

Kayni said...

those could be really noisy and annoying, but you're right, it is important for businesses to invest in electric generators.

dodong flores said...

Diri sa Manila, mao man pod gihapon. Sige ang brownout...

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