Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yellow Multicab


Photo taken by Mr. Dave Piencenaves at Burgos street. The yellow vehicle is what we call a multi-cab. Multicabs are commonly used as a public utility vehicle but in this instance it's not. This is not the route of the multicabs, only tricycles are allowed to pick up passengers here.

Thanks Dave for the Pic! :)

Slight Photo editing was done by me.


Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

this looks like what we call Angdes (village public transportation) here. Do the passangers seat oposite one another?

Layrayski said...

yes eki =)angdes is a pretty name to call multicab. =)

Kayni said...

it's the Mister Donut sign that caught my eye...lol. i miss their donuts.

Layrayski said...

mister donuts, huh? I can't blame you. donuts tend to be more interesting than the multicabs/. Hahahah

Adher said...

Nice! but I just found the passenger multicabs in BXU quite slow-moving especially when going to Bancasi Airport. Catching a plane will surely be a thrilling experience...heheh!

Layrayski said...

ikaw ni rheds? hehehe

witsandnuts said...

There are multicabs in some towns in Pampanga, too. I miss Mister Donut. =)

Vlado&Toni said...

same with Kayni, Mister Donut also caught my eye :) hmmmm yummy... how many passengers does the multi cab take?

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