Sunday, August 9, 2009



Leif Hagen said...

Boys will be boys! Cute shot!

Lower Back Tattoo Art said...

Cool kids never had the time.. and we don't even care.

- The Kids

Fio said...

Nice scene :)

Tammie said...

this is cute.
i have a seems like a lot of your more playful-child filled photos feature little this done purposely? is it more common to see boys playing outside and maybe girls are usually inside? is it concidence? or is it all just in my imagination?

Layrayski said...

thanks for the comments Leif,lower back tattoo art, Fio and Tammie! =)

Tammie-- Very good observation! I didn't notice the trend actually. I have a few theories, one is that girls (women) don't like to get browner than we already are so most of the time girls play inside. In fact I was also using the zoom feature of my camera because I don't want to be under the sun if I can help it! Haha Remember the two girls acting as if they were buying something at a sari-sari store? They were also under the shade. Most of the girls want to be pretty. Pretty means being white- light around here.

Two-- I guess I haven't been posting my girl pics, huh? Its all a whim really on what I post here. I may have been neglecting the female specie.

Hilda said...

Argh, Photobucket's not loading again. Bummer. That site hates me!

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