Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lolly Fruit


I passed by a small corner store and I saw fruits being sold. It was my chance to take a photo of a santol (Lolly fruit) as requested by someone. I had a bit of a hard time taking this particular picture because the store owner couldn't understand why I'd wanted to take a photo of her goods.

I didn't take the photo of an opened up lolly fruit with salt. Don't want to torture the person who requested the photo too much.

Top: Lanzones, Mango, papaya, durian, pomelo
Bottom: mango, mangosteen, santol


Andreea said...

Beautiful picture, very colorful. I'm having the same trouble when I take photos in my city. People don't understand why would someone find commonplace, everyday things interesting and they think you have some hidden reason for wanting to photograph an apple.

arabesque said...

lol..i can relate with your dilemna, it's either people ask you why you want to take a photo or they would look at you in a weird way...
nice spelling on the mangosteen!

Andreea said...

Btw, love your profile photo.

Hilda said...

If your friend is willing to climb, my neighbor has a huge santol tree in her backyard :)

I'm not crazy about santol or mangosteen, but I'll have some of those mangoes, lanzones and papaya please!

the donG said...

i think im just really not good at fruits. i didnt know that santol is called a lolly fruit! poor me.

小林 said...,3

witsandnuts said...

Grabe, naglalaway ako sa santol! Ang tagal ko ng naghahanap nyan dito sa UAE pero wala akong makita.

nino said...

thanks for sparing us the torture. just the mention of santol makes my mouth water. :-)

uncleawang said...

Your country manggo is the best I ever taste, I try once while on tour in Sabah :)

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