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Like lambanog, laksoy is another poor man's drink. But unlike lambanog a drink that made from coconut, laksoy is made from the sap of nipa palm.

For 10 pesos you can buy one lapad (my estimate of 400ml) from the laksoyan (distiller). This drink is usually imbibed during special occasions, which probably meant every time people have the urge to get intoxicated.


When we visited a laksoyan at Babag near Agusan Pequeno, the laksoy maker were very gracious and patient with all our questions. He even let us have a taste of the laksoy free of charge. I'm not really much of a drinker so I can't describe what I tasted as well as I would've liked but I'll try. The smell was quite potent but with sweet undertones to it. I delicately sipped (actually I gulped-- really deceiving initial impression) the offered liquor and immediately my eyes watered. It was strong.

I bought some for my cousins to try. They liked it. Some mixed it with coke and a some drank it with chasers.

One question about my last post was about the laksoy flavors being sold on the market. They have a few selections of mango, langka (jackfruit), pineapple, strawberry, and dried fruits (no mention about what fruits they were on the bottle) which is the most expensive at 150 pesos or approx 3 dollars.

More info about laksoy here.


Kayni said...

that sounds a bit it's so interesting how they make it.

Vlado&Toni said...

interesting picture.. i really didn't have any idea how they made lambanog but this shot could give me a glimpse of it..

witsandnuts said...

That's a clear explanation how it is different from lambanog. This is the first time I saw how it is being processed.

the donG said...

that's so cheap for that. maybe you can sell it here in manila for a definitely higher price!

Vogon Poet said...

I am fashinated by these wonderful images and your description. Nice reportage.

An Asian Traveler said...

I know lambanog. But this is my first time to hear about laksoy. Pretty interesting. Great shots!

Just popping in to say Hi. Nice blog you have here. Have you tried the The Tornado Ride? Visit my page to see it. Have a fun-filled day!

Care for exchange links? Let me know. Thanks.

Toronto Roofing said...

It's been a while since your last photo blog got updated... Post more photos, we're waitin'.

Eli said...


I work at Adarna House, a children's book publishing company in Quezon City, Metro Manila.
We are coming up with a reference book titled "Regional Profiles: People and Places" and we
would like to ask your permission for the use of your closeup photo of the making of laksoy.

We will credit you in the Photo Credits page of the reference material should you grant our
request, and we will send you a digital file of the page where your photo will be featured.

I am hoping for your consideration and immediate response.

Eli F. Camacho
Jr. Artist/Illustrator
Adarna House, Inc.

Anonymous said...

if i am not mistaken,these pictures of laksoy was taken in my father's laksoyan("tun-anan" in butuanon dialect) in babag...oh i am proud na napost ang "tun-anan" ni papa..

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