Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Golden Tara


This image is famously associated with Butuan. Butuan as you may probably know is rich in history.

Although the photo I have of the golden tara was taken at Balanghai Hotel, the real image which weighs approximately 4 pounds, and is a 21 carat gold figurine, is now located at Chicago museum (if my memory serves me right).

If you visit Butuan, you can also view the replica at Butuan regional museum. This artifact was found in 1917, southeast of Butuan at an Agusan river tributuary. It is as the experts say, an evidence of the early indian influence, as it was dated as early as 850-950 AD.

You can also click here for more interesting history lessons of Butuan.

P.s. I don't know why the original item isn't with us anymore.

Its weird how more into history I'm now when I hate this subject in high school =P.


uncleawang said...

This place has a fascinating history:)
Excellent captured.

ശിവ said...


Kayni said...

i love history =). yes, i do remember you did a post on this same statue too. it would be nice if the real statue would be given back to a museum in the Philippines.

Hilda said...

Oh hey, that's fascinating! I've always known about the Malay (and Chinese, obviously) connections of the Philippines, but not with India.

And I have to agree, I never liked history in school either. But I suspect it was because our teachers didn't teach it well. You should see all the history books I have at home now! :)

Vogon Poet said...

You are right, history catches up with everybody sooner or later!

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