Monday, May 25, 2009

Pre- Kasalan sa Inland Wedding Expo and Fashion Show Photoshoot


Kasalan-- wedding.

I was invited by a Butuanon photography group, ShutterBuff, to tag along with them to a photoshoot at Almont Inland Resort yesterday. Almont Inland resort apparently has this fashion expo every year- to showcase local bridal gown designers, photographers, and of course the place. Eventologist is the brains behind this undertaking.

Kasalan sa Inland Wedding Expo and Fashion Show,May26-27, 2009 @ Almont Inland Convention Center.

Camera used: Fujifilm S9600. How I wish I had the Nikon D40 with me yesterday.


Julie said...

this is gorgeous. what an opportunity. Thanks for your comment about the Indian Fry bread. It is delicious and the bread is soft, not hard.

Layrayski said...

Thank you!

Hilda said...

I like that you made sure you caught the photographer too! That always makes me smile. Does he know? ;)

laagan said...

looks good lai.ikaw kanus a man ka mugamit ug wedding dress ahahaha

Layrayski said...

Hilda--yes he knows hehe

Laagan--thanks mai, wedding dress? when I'm 50 years old!

Jacob said...

You lucky dog! Wow, what a great opportunity! Where was your D40????

We just got Lois Anne a D40 and she loves it...wonderful camera.

Layrayski said...

haha I was very luck huh? Actually the d40 wasn't mine, I was just too slow to borrow it. Haha

the donG said...

everytime you post photos of almont it always reminds me of my visit there. i agree that it's a nice place for pictorials.

can you sometime feature the balanghais in your photos?

Layrayski said...

balanghai the hotel or balanghai the boats? I was just to balanghai hotel yesterday. Will post pics later. hehehe thanks for the reminder the dong =)

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