Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Place To Stay


In Butuan there are a couple of hotel accomodations that you can choose from. Almost inland hotel is one. The location is good with only a mere few minutes of walking to get to the nearest mall in the city. And it is only 30 minutes (or less) away from the airport. The hotel offers swimming pool as shown in the picture, deluxe rooms (bungalows) shown in the far back, restaurant, internet, etc.

My cousin who just left after visiting us was quite impressed at the place. Almont Inland resort ratings at is shown here.


Vogon Poet said...

Welcome back with a very nice image of a beautiful place.

Layrayski said...

Hello! Wow I didn't think anybody would still remember this site =) Thanks for the awesome welcome vogon poet! =)

Tammie said...

of course we remember this site!

and this place looks amazing. i'll take a bungalow, a strawberry daiquiri, and a seat by the pool please.

i need a vacation!!!

Kayni said...

i missed your posts. glad you're back. that looks like a very nice, restful place.

laagan said...

uy...hehhehe naka balik na ka. murag naka anhi na man mi diri no? nung kasal ni auntie liling?
Lami ila mango shake diria

uncleawang said...

Very glad to here from you again.I hope you are fine there. Must be 5 star resort.look cool & nice hotel.
Thanks for the visit.

asf said...

Welcome back layrayski, I too haven't posted for a while. This pool is blue and looks pristine.

Hilda said...

Looks almost like a resort hotel because of that pool!

Glad to see you posting again, Ly! Welcome back!

the donG said...

thanks for showing that place again. we stayed there for a week in 2007. it still looks good.

Vlado&Toni said...

hello, nice to see you are back :D i missed your photos

Anonymous said...

Hi Lay. Nice place.

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