Thursday, December 18, 2008



Playing the Rubik's cube suddenly became the in thing again.

Photo taken at Butuan Airport.


Tammie said...

i didnt even know they still made those. i was horrible at it and could never finish it. i finally just started removing all the colored stickers and placing them in order so that it looked like i had solved it. i was a cheater.

Dustin said...

There is a Filipino movie called Magnifico that has a rubik in several scenes. I wonder if it is popular now because it was in the movie, or vice versa?

It is my favorite Filipino movie and is available on Netflix for us Americanos.

Eki Akhwan said...

Nice take Layrayski. I remember this game from when I was younger. I never did manage to get it right though ... sigh ...

turtle said...

I too never manage to solve it.

Third World Geek said...

Hey, I'm a Buenavista based blogger. Do you know of any blogger groups around this area? Thanks!

the donG said...

i have no patience to study how to do it. hehehe...

Layrayski said...

Tammie- I was really surprised when I saw kids playing with the cube again.

Dustin-- I don't think I've ever seen Magnifico, dustin. Mmm... maybe =)

Eki-- heheh me too! I'm not really very good with puzzles. But I heard there's a trick to it.

turtle-- apir!

Third world geek-- I think there's another Butuanon blogger. You can find him at my mindanao blogger's link.

the dong-- it seems that most visitors/guests of this blog doesn't know how to kick ass in this game. hehehehe

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