Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rizal Park at Night


As requested.

We just came out of mass at St. Joseph Cathedral. The lights were too pretty to pass up so we had to stop for a moment to get some photos. We weren't the only ones who thought so too as you can see.

Only a few hours to go until December 25.

Take care!


Tammie said...

oooh. this is magical.

belladona_ph said...

Thank you for posting. I miss Butuan and yes the Christmas Eve Mass. May I post this photo on my site and i will add a link to it? Malipayong Pasko!
Daghang salamat!


Vic said...

Merry Christmas Lyra! :)

Layrayski said...

Tammie-- Merry Christmas!

Belladona_ph-- Madjaw nga pagsaulog hong pasko! (Sakto ba?) Yes, you may. And thanks for asking =)

Vic-- Maayong pasko!

the donG said...

the park should indeed be that beautiful. so that at least people who dont have a decent home and chrsitmas lights, they get to experience it there.

nice shot layrayski.

Vlado&Toni said...

Happy New Year! Wow, love this picture, I have to show this to my husband ;) grabe, ka miss naman.

Nga pala, sorry for not dropping by, been absent in the blog world for a while.

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