Monday, December 8, 2008

Libertad Barangay Hall


This was a photo was taken at Libertad Barangay Hall.

There are a lot of health activities at Libertad everyday judging from the this photo, (and from my personal experience too). I took this picture last Saturday so the health center was close for business.

Barangay is what we call our smallest government unit. If I remember my history lessons correctly, it is taken from the word "balanghai" which is a boat used during the pre-hispanic period.

By the way, if you were with me during the beginning of Butuan Daily photo, balanghai artifacts (boats) can be found at Butuan National Museum at Barangay Libertad. You can check my old posts here and here. You can also check out this article about balanghai that I found.


Kayni said...

that really looks like a busy barangay hall. i think it's wonderful that they provide so many services there.

the donG said...

that's an active barangay. i wish every barangay will be as active as this one.

turtle said...

i remember serving in the barangays of Bukidnon and CDO some months in 1991-92.

turtle said...

thanks for sharing.this is really true,,,

including the locks.

laruth said...

hello purpose in writing is to ask a favor to the concerned people here...can we use some of the posted pix? we badly needed them for the center page of our school paper in Libertad NHS.We will be featuring the 1st voyage of the Balanghai boat.Pls, pls help! :)ty

Layrayski said...

sure laruth, acknowledgement lang that you got the photos from butuan daily photo :) good luck!

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