Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They said Hi


This photo was part of a series of photos I took along AD Curato street.

I'm going out of town for two days so I'm leaving you with these guys for company. Take care and have a fantastic day ahead!


the donG said...

ganda naman ng iniwan mong picture sa amin. kitang kita ang hospitality sa mukha nila. yan ang mga pinoy!

ingat sa byahe.

turtle said...

i like their smiles,
and their hands.

common filipino sitting positions while waiting.

turtle said...

the farthest man parang shy, but shows the same smile.

Kayni said...

hello to all these friendly guys.

turtle said...

Lay, thanks for putting me in your blog roll. Now ko lang nakit-an. Thanks.

Layrayski said...

the dong-- thats one way of looking at the picture dong. =)

turtle-- sharp observation. They were really friendly. The silent ones were shy but still they had nice smiles =)

kayni-- hello kayni! =) They said hi too hihihihi

turtle-- I followed you on blospot. The problem with just following your blog is I don't usually view my followed blogs at the dashboard. thanks for the link also =)

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