Sunday, November 30, 2008

Love Birds


I chose this photo today because of two things, sunday is a lazy day in Butuan. This photo evokes stillness, quiet to me. There are a lot of establishments that are close during Sundays. You can imagine.

The second reason is quite corny- the two birds symbolizes Bella and Edward (from the movie twilight). Okay the reason is quite loosely connected to my photo of the day but as you can probably tell, I'm still in the throes of the Twilight after-effects.

*giggles like a schoolgirl*


Tammie said...

those birds are adorable.

twilight mania is still in full effect here.

turtle said...

very beautiful picture. I like it.

Vic said...

speaking of twilight... i haven't watch it!!! (sad) promise.. panonoorin ko siya this week! :)

mirage2g said...

love the feeling in this photo! korean film ang dating sakin eh! :D

the donG said...

love birds! literally they are.

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