Friday, November 28, 2008

Club One

Fitness and health are fast becoming the two of the life priorities of Butuanons (to my friend and my cousin, at least). This was taken at Club One. The gym you can find at the third floor of what is more popularly known to me as the Unitop building. Burgoz corner San Francisco Street.


turtle said...

I am too lazy to bring myself to a gym, though I look I need to be in one. LOL.

Layrayski said...

Me too. I'd rather do scrub the floors or learn martial arts, dance class or something rather than go to the gym just to exercise. I feel like I don't get anything from going to the gym except lose money (grabe ka inut/ very thrifty). I'd rather learn a skill and at the same time exercise. exercising, I feel should be the product of doing something. A result of doing something productive or fun. =)

the donG said...

ayos. dumadami na pala ang health conscious na tao dyan. buti naman.

hadv said...

Hahaha, judging from the empty gym, it seems that it's not one of life's priorities... Do yoga! :D

Layrayski said...

the dong-- yeah! Health is wealth! hehehe

hadv-- working hours ko kasi yan kinuha. Hehe and I'm fond of taking the non inhabited areas hehe

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