Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cafe Central


Cafe Central

AD Curato Street.

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the donG said...

very classic interesting look.

uncleawang said...

You have a very interesting post and also nice picture.very informatic & I'm one of your regular viewer.
Thank you for sharing and have a nice day.

Hilda said...

Argh, I'm itching to renovate that house. I love it's curvature and those shutters! Haaay, to be a multimillionaire…

mirage2g said...

This reminds me of Dapitan in Sampaloc...haaayy

hadv said...

I bet they serve instant coffee.. reminds me of the old days when I'd go with my lolo to places like those and they'd discuss politics in Spanish and I'd be given a pastry to eat. Nah.. that'd make me ancient. :D

Mo said...

All those overhead wires look dangerous

turtle said...

i like the windows.and the two persons.

Kayni said...

the top part of the building looks residential. i like how the roof curves with the corner of the street.

Photo Cache said...

I like the unique design of that old house. I hope someone restores that. It's very appealing.

Ate Lis said...

Lay, ma-o nang balay nila Tulo atbang sa ila Lola?

Tammie said...

gorgeous photo. i love cafes. there is always so much to look at when you look at a picture of a cafe and the people in it.

im with hilda though---i totally want to renovate the house--at least make it look safer.

Eki Akhwan said...

Although it doesn't look like it's in a good shape now, I can still see the beauty of the building. I also like the idylic atmosphere of the environs.

Layrayski said...

the dong--thank you!

uncle awang-- That is very nice of you to say so. =) Have a fantastic day ahead of you.

hilda-- very interesting structure isn't it? too bad the owner doesn't see how great it would be to restore it to its former state.

mirage2g-- is that a good or a bad thing? =)

hadv-- not ancient. very interesting!

mo-- dangerous and ugly too!

turtle-- me too! The two guys add something to the photo.

kayni-- that's what I want to show! Most of the businesses here have their residence at the second floor of their building.

photo cashe-- thank you. Yes, I agree with you.

ate lisa-- sorry karon ra ko tubag. Atbang ni sa balay pero dili ko sigurado kung mau ba ni imo pasabot. daghan karaan na balay diri dapita pod.

tammie-- there is something about cafes and coffee, i agree! Romantic comes to mind... safer! more beautiful!

Eki-- thank you! I'm glad you think so too.

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