Monday, November 24, 2008


Agusan River, afternoon.


turtle said...

wow this is very beautiful.
Agusan river! Perhaps it is the same Agusan river that traverses our town too (Compostela in COMVAL). If it is then such a long river.

Once during a flood, a baby girl drowned and was carried by currents from our town to somewhere near Prosperidad or farther, yes farther than Monkayo. I see in your picture that it is very wide in Butuan. Perhaps the one in our place is just one of the tributaries because it is not that wide there.

When I was in elementary school, some of my classmates cut classes to swim there.

Hilda said...


It's amazing what a couple of months of rain can do. If I remember rightly, in your first photo of Agusan River, the shore wasn't this green yet. :)

Tammie said...

this is could be a postcard.

Layrayski said...

hi turtle! wow i didn't know you're from agusan del norte. goodness, really?

according to wikipedia agusan river is the longest, deepest river in mindanao. ive tried tracing its length using google earth. =)

hilda-- thanks hilda. I planned on taking different agusan river photos in the future. right now im not in the photo shooting mode lately. the computers i use are having video card problems. i can't see whether the images i see are good or not thats why i havent been commenting on our cdp community lately.

tammie-- thank you =) there are days that makes photography so easy.

babooshka said...

It just so beautiful and rich in colour,

Kayni said...

this shot is really pretty. i love it.

turtle said...

I am from, Lay. Compostela, COMVAL Province but Agusan River is there too. Very long river.

Layrayski said...

Babooshka and Kayni-- thank you! So happy you think so.

turtle-- Its great to meet a fellow mindanao blogger. =) I'll check your place right now. I'm not really very good with geography. *Sheepish*

Anonymous said...

Postcard perfect!!!

I wish I was able to capture Agusan River at its best when I was there...

Layrayski said...

Hi dodongflores-- sorry I wasn't able to visit your blog. My old pc couldn't cope up with the load. But I see that you're a long time blogger. Nice to meet ya =)

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