Monday, October 6, 2008

Photography On Two Wheels

Carmen Photo series

I wanted to capture the one man and kid carrying water for household use but I didn't timed it well hence this lopsided photo.

I figure there's no flowing water from where they live. It must be difficult carrying those heavy things everyday.

This is the road to the Jurassic park (Blue waters) resort at Vinapor and Diwata cave at Punta Diwata etc. Some roads are paved, some aren't. Motorcycles are one of the major transportation in this area. And that's me reflected on the mirror.


enoi afuang said...

hello there! i am so thankful that i found ur blogspot... i haven't seen butuan in 25 years and will be coming back tomorrow... thanks for the updated photos at least i have an idea how it looks like today.... by the way, do u know of a place where i can stay that is affordable coz i only have a very limited budget.... thanks... more power!

kayni said...

nicely done! i love this. it was cool to see the kid and the guy carrying water.

hadeveyra said...

Hahaha, I do that sometimes. And most of the time, I only get the passing blurred trees instead of the intended subject.

Eki Akhwan said...

A bold try, Layrayski! (I should probably try the same thing one of these days.) Although you missed a bit, your photo still tells the story you want to tell. :)

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

I usually do some shot while I'm on a jeepney ride home. Out of like ten shots, I only get one that's tolerable! But your shot was nice actuallY! No trace of blur^^

Anonymous said...

I love this photograph. The result may even be more interesting that what you were originally trying to achieve.

It is sad. It's 2008 and there are still some places where people do not enjoy access to the most basic needs. How can our leaders continue ignoring these situations and how can they stomach pocketing the taxpayers' contribution?

Layrayski said...

enoi-- glad that you found my blog useful!!! =)

kayni-- thank you!

hadeveyra-- I have lots of blurred photos too! it was lucky that this motorcycle series has a few lucky photos.

eki-- it was fun eki! Happy riding/shooting! =)

steven-- thanks steven! among the number I shot, I managed to get a few that's quite ok. If you want you can see the more complete motorcycle series on my blog.

metromanila--- Well said!!!

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