Friday, September 26, 2008

Yellow Flowers

I'm leaving for Cagayan de Oro tomorrow (yesterday) so I'm leaving you a photo I took last night at Margie's.


Hope said...

Just beautiful...I love yellow flowers!

Hilda said...

Very cozy-looking restaurant. Is the food good?

If you visit XU and see Fr. Jett, tell him Hilda says hi! =)

Layrayski said...

Hope-- Thank you! Glad you like it =)

Hilda-- yes it is. The food is ok. Margie's is known by its delicious cakes and now its changing their reputation again with their cafe.

I'll tell him if ever I do visit XU, Hilda. I just came from Cagayan but I didn't get the chance to go to XU, unfortunately. BTW, I already graduated from Xu when he became president.

Anonymous said...

hello I'm planning dinner with friends in Butuan. It might be a large group--say 20 people. Where should we go for great food, nice ambience and clean location? Thanks in advance!

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