Sunday, September 28, 2008


Grotto, Bood, Libertad


Saretta said...

Looks refreshing and cool! Is it? Or is it hot and humid?

kayni said...

It looks like the perfect place to reflect and pray.

Carlo of Ar-wee-der-yet said...

Hello, I am Carlo and I am a travel blogger. I've been to every region here in our country except CARAGA and ARMM. Me and several of my friends would like to visit your city and other sites of Agusan del Norte in the future. I am having difficulty in researching for updated information about Butuan as their is not enough tourist information unlike other bigger cities. I think the best way is to ask a local. I hope it is ok for me to ask you almost anything about Butuan and Agusan through email in able for me to plan our trip.

Carlo of Ar-wee-der-yet

Layrayski said...

Hi saretta! It was hot and humid but it was still refreshing reaching our destination =)

Hi kayni-- You can say that. =)

Carlo-- hello! thanks for dropping by. I'll get back to your questions after this.

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