Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Palagsing and Putong Balanghoy!

After the parade last Saturday, my cousin invited me over their place for a snack.

I was absolutely delighted that she served us palagsing (the thin dark brown, suman or budbod looking dessert) and putong balanghoy (Balanghoy- kamoteng kahoy, cassava, the round yellowish cake) with a glass of icy cold red colored juice.

You know what's funny? If these were served a couple of years ago, my reaction would have been polite interest. In fact my mother still hasn't move on from the fact that my taste buds have evolved from a very picky eater (I formerly don't eat filipino desserts like these) into eat-almost-anything-at least-once type (I like to brag about how I have eaten worms once but then again a friend jokingly disowned me when she heard that, so forget I said anything).

Palagsing is usually wrapped with banana leaf like suman, or what we call here in Butuan as Bod-bod. But unlike suman (rice dessert), it is made up of young coconut meat, coconut milk, sugar etc. It's yummy and filling. A practical dessert nowadays. Cheap and filling like the putong balanghoy.

Putong balanghoy on the other hand is analogous to the cupcake. It is shaped like a cupcake but its steamed instead of baked. And it uses cassava. They're different in taste, texture and ingredients they just have the same shape.

Have a nice filling or fulfilling day!


Hilda said...

They both sound good, but I haven't had either, I'm afraid. Cassava suman, oo — that I've loved since I was a kid. Like it better than regular suman actually.

Anonymous said...

What is it, cornmeal biscuits and bacon? It looks something like this to me.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville, Ohio

Tammie said...

this looks delicious.

i love the plate it's served on as well.

Layrayski said...

I have to admit that my latest photos, except the blue "across the river" one, are a frustration to me. I didn't realize I had them on a very high ISO.


Hilda--- Aha I finally know what I'll let you try when you come visit Butuan. hehe

abraham-- to me it looks like a three eyed smiley face.

tammie-- Its worth a bite Tammie :) Aha I remember your plate blog! You really like your plates, huh? :)

kayni said...

they look really good. if i could only grab one from my monitor right now. i miss genuine filipino made snacks.

send me some balanghoy puto please.

Layrayski said...

I'll send you an email of kakanin, Kayni. :) I hope to post a couple of kakanin photos in the future.

Tammie said...

ha ha...i do have a thing for plates. i guess i think the crap i serve my family looks nicer if it;s served on a pretty plate. ;)

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

I've just had a delightful sight of Filippino food at Hilda's blog ... now this. I think the Philippines is a great place for food lovers ...

PJ said...

Everything looks delicious, and it was home cooked, the best kind. Love the colors.
Pensacola Daily Photo

Vlado&Toni said...

hmmm yummy those cupcakes are new to me, i haven't tried anything like that, but the suman is similar to one we have in the north. what's with the red drink? what's in it... curious lang

Layrayski said...

tammie-- I'd like to try your crap some day. hehe

eki-- You're right eki, the philippines is a place for food lovers. We love to eat! As I'm sure you too.

toni&vlado-- mmm Maybe the putong balanghoy is a Butuanon delicacy and I just didn't know it. Hehe. I think it was an apple juice.

Anonymous said...

how do you make this? it looks yummy!!!can you post a recipe for this? thank you!!

Anonymous said...

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Lulu said...

My mom's putong balanghoy is very famous in our place... too bad I don't have a pic... would it be alright if i post your pic in my blog? I will of course give you a link back. Please let me know... Thanks.

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