Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adlaw Hong Butuan 2008

Today is Butuan Charter day. Early this morning a parade took place along JC Aquino Avenue which started at DPB and ended at Butuan City playground. And this evening government employees are partying, and I'm sure, giving recognition to the outstanding Butuanons and co-public servants which happens every year during Adlaw Hong Butuan.

You know, I miss the elaborate floats and costumes that used to decorate the streets during Adlaw Hong Butuan when I was little.

I guess inflation, recession or whatever economic slump we're in has took its toll on the parade budget. The child in me was disappointed.

Anyway I remember how most of the parades usually passes by Agusan High area where my relatives live so we always have a good spot on the veranda while watching the parade.

Update-My mother just came home from the Butuan night party. According to her, I just missed a cool fireworks display, and a good live band. I was watching the dark knight. Too bad. Anyway, the cinema at Gaisano were packed too. It felt even festive.<----Sour graping.
edited to infinity.


Hilda said...

Sobrang galing naman nung movie, di ba? =D

You're funny — you exchanged a once-a-year event for something that will still be around for at least one more week?!

I have a long answer for you in my sari-sari store post.

Layrayski said...

Yeah it was great. That movie was inspired! Anyway, yeah, I have this idea of the employees' night as being a boring affair. Maybe next year... hehe

kayni said...

sorry you missed the fireworks as long as the movie was good. i also missed the july 4th fireworks here due to laziness, and i felt bad afterwards.

Layrayski said...

We share a lot of similarities, kayni. hehe

Hilda said...

Hey, you changed the photos since I visited! I like these ones of the floats. Maganda naman sila ah. You mean they were even grander in the past?

Layrayski said...

Yup! I made a lot of changes on this post. I seem to have a momentary dyslexia which happens to me sometimes. I found these photos on my memory card. And yes, its even grander in the past. But maybe its just the memory of a child. everything is bigger and grander when you're a kid.

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