Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was riding the tricycle on my way to a wedding last Monday, July 28, 2009, when I saw this group of people across Gaisano Mall. They were protesting the rising costs of commodities, according to my fellow passenger. I can't give anymore details because I was in a hurry at that time.


kayni said...

I always watch Philippine news here and it looks like protests are a regular happening there these days. I really hope things will get better.

Layrayski said...

Me too, Kayni, me too.

Affiliate Marketing Tips said...

Everyone in this world is fed up of these high prices of essential commodities.

Layrayski said...

Right. I'm just glad there are no violent protests going on. But protestors are probably tightening their belts too. Buying cartolinas and felt tip pens, and gasoline and other stuff -- they could add up.

And thanks for dropping by!

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