Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weird Fish exhibit

There is a flowerhorn exhibit at Gaisano mall. Apparently, this fish is popular in Asia. According to one of the guys in charge of the display, this fish is replacing arwana in terms of the fish hobbyists' preference. Flowerhorns are thought to bring about good luck.

The small fishes are estimated to cost at around 3-5 thousand pesos and the bigger ones up to fifty-thousand pesos.

This exhibit was hosted by our esteemed Mayor, and the department of tourism.


JM said...

I love those fish, though i can't have any as all my tanks are small to house them...


mirage2g said...

Gwapong fish! hehe is that a parrot fish I forgot na what its called, if we dont have an arowana I'd have that one! Weird pero pogi naman hihi.

Tammie said...

that is a weird looking, expensive fish.

i found a conversion chart online to convert your pesos's to US dollars. I could buy one of the bigger fish, but I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage on my house. I'd be homeless but the proud owner of one goofy looking fish.

Hilda said...

The color and the fins are really pretty. Though there's no way I'm going to spend that much for a pet that I can't cuddle!

pusa said...

hmmm mahal pala un mga ganun fish, lage ko rin kita yan sa mga pet shops

kayni said...

first time to see this type of fish. i've only managed to care for a beta fish, so i don't think i can care for one as expensive as that.

Layrayski said...

hi guys! I messed up. Supposedly, the flowerhorn with the huge hump on its back are the expensive ones. I took a couple of photos but the one I posted was the only photo that turned out alright. Oh and only male flowerhorns have that bump on their back so males are more expensive than females.

jm--yes, these fish, they said, needs big tanks to house them so they will live healthy.

mirage2g-- arowana's are also cool! What kind do you have? I saw a photo of a red and a blue one.

tammie-- you crack me up! Haha

hilda-- I agree! I rather have an ordinary cat as a pet.

pusa-- Yup, apparently they are very expensive although I read a couple of criticisms about this fish, being man-made and destroyer of natural ecosystem and all...

kayni-- Most fish enthusiasts say that fish as pets soothes, and melts away stress, brings tranquility and all that. But caring for expensive ones such as this I imagine would bring the opposite reaction!

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