Sunday, July 27, 2008

Abayan Festival 2008

The guys on the tiny colorful canoes were the contestants on the boat racing, apparently (I didn't stick around to the actual event. Was still sleepy so I went home after I took a couple of shots.)

Abayan Festival is a Butuan celebration in honor of the Patroness of Agusan river Santa Anna. It is held every last Sunday of July. It is said that this celebration started as a way to drive the "demons" that lived on the river-- the crocodiles. This happened around the 17th- 18th century, the time where crocodiles had still inhabited the river.

Today there was a fluvian parade (Which I think means, a river parade), boat racing, mass and other activities.

This is a cool link for more info on this subject.


Kris said...

Great shots, thanks for sharing them and the story.

I've read a lot about Mindanao, but never on a personal, 'everyday' level, so I'm enjoying your blog very much!

Steven (Cavite Daily Photo) said...

wow! Layrayski! Parang ang saya naman po ng festival na yan! I love races pa naman jejeje

I'm back after a long time of silence. naku hanggang ngayon po ay wala padin kaming net! nakakainis jejeje pero nakapagpost po ako ngayon. dito ako netshop!

Recollection namin bukas! Have a great week po!


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