Monday, May 26, 2008

Tricycle Ride

This is a special blog for the month of June. I'm particularly verbal (verbose?) today so I'm taking advantage and write a long one. Yes I edited this post. This was scheduled in advance, I'm afraid to say, and it was as awful as I feared. So I totally edited this, except for the photos.

The tricycle is one of the two most common public transportation here in Butuan. Its a motorcycle with a 'sidecar' attached to it. It usually occupies 6 passengers. Two in front and four at the back. There are a few styles to motorcycle transportation here in the Philippines. Motorcycle- being not too expensive when it comes to its consumption of gas, it is quite understandable.

Mmm clean streets!

In Cagayan de Oro their tricycle version is called a motorela. It is longer in body and I think could seat up to 8 skinny passengers.

Sometimes, the photos I posted are taken when I am riding a tricycle. That picture above is the Butuan City Library. I'm going to visit that one of these days. Its another blog to look forward to. I hope. Hehehe.

Pedestrians. Gaisano area.

If I can shoot some 'skylab' motorcycles I will post them in a blog. Its another mode of transportation that shows the Filipino ingenuity and sheer craziness.

But what I'd like the most is to ride the bangka at the Agusan river, or ride the carabao at one of the farms here in Butuan. I've always wanted to ride a carabao (water buffalo) since I was a kid. I figure that'd be one interesting blog, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

have you seen a motorela in cdo that sez KASAMA TSUI or ULYSSES GERE as operator? hehehe

cath here BTW

Layrayski said...

Hmmm... wala. Is that a trick question? Hehe Why do you ask?

The Otaku Perspective said...

how nice, i miss the place ... teka, what cam po gamit ninyo?

Layrayski said...

Hello, I know its late but the camera I used for this is Fujifilm S5700.

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