Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Traffic at the Diversion Road

This was take at the diversion road, Imadejas area. I thought traffic was gonna be light. Being just a 'diversion' and all.

Sorry folks, I missed one day of posting. My schedule at work got a bit hectic. I'll go out tomorrow and get some fresh images (I hope- if laziness won't overcome me) to add to my depleting stockpile.

I took this photo while riding a multicab. Look at the radar like sense of the boy at the bike. He sense he's about to be photographed from a couple of meters away!


TENTAY™ said...

wow butuan city. i want to visit there some time. =)

Hilda said...

Parehas tayo ng problema sa pictures. Hehehe. Had to use one of my husband's already. Same reason too—work. :(

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