Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday, oh saturday

I'm glad you're here. The day is right, I feel, for pandesal, cassava cake and tsokolate.

at pan de pugon.


Steven (Cavite Daily Photo) said...

Wow! Great photo! Grabe yung cassava cake! Ayan! Gusto ko tuloy ng Cassava cake! jajaja Thanks for the food Layrayski! Sensya na tagal ko nakabalik. may sakit kasi ako eh jay sana gumaling na ako GodBlesS^^


Layrayski said...

Thanks Steven! Magpagaling ka na. Get well soon!

Hilda said...

Mmmmmm… perfect for the weather today!

Kababalik lang ng kuryente namin. Mukhang may tinamaan ang malakas na hangin ni Frank dito sa amin.

Layrayski said...

HI Hilda, I didn't know that you visited my blog. Blogger doesn't tell me anymore whether my site receives comments or not. *sad face*

Glad you're safe and sound!!!

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