Thursday, June 19, 2008

Carabao. Riding the carabao can be done in Butuan. This photo was taken just alongside the bridge. CARAGA region, where Butuan is a part of, is an agricultural region. Which explains the rural feel of this photograph.


Hilda said...

Sa tagal ko sa mundong ito, 'di pa rin ako nakakasakay ng kalabaw. Masyado talaga akong duwag! ;-P

julia said...

Unique,that sure is one way to get around, thanks for showing us.

Layrayski said...

Hilda-- Riding a carabao is one thing that I hope to do in my lifetime. Hehe I even talked to one farmer about doing it one of these days. He was startled for a minute but he agreed after letting out a chuckle. You gotta love blogging. Hehe

Julia-- After my cousin and I were done shooting a few nature shots we were heading home when saw a man on his cart being pulled by his carabao (water buffalo). We had to stop and ask the man for his photograph. We're just glad he obliged. Hehe

dustin said...

What happens when the carabao otot or libang during transport?

Layrayski said...

Hehe you're funny, dustin. I would guess that they just leave the 'dump' where they are dumped. As for the 'otot' I would guess they'll just hold their breath and hope the bad wind will pass quickly. Hehe But if you're really interested, I'll ask. Haha

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