Saturday, May 10, 2008

Carnival_Peryahan sa Butuan

So we we were finally able to have some semblance of a fiesta activity. Woot. Was it fun! Absolutely fun. Haha.

The kid in us had a blast riding the ferris wheel, octopus, rollercoaster. We also enjoyed the death wall. You watch a man ride a dirt bike on the wall. Without both hands on the wheel. Without both hands and eyes covered, riding on the wall. That sort of thing. And for the first time they also included in their gig a wall climbing mini-car. Awesome. Imagine us holding on to the said wall.

We didn't know watching death wall was as heart stopping as riding the 'rollercoaster'.

The rollercoaster at 30 pesos per person was not bad. The adrenalin you feel from riding the chugging lump of tetanus-ridden lump of metal was at par to the fancier Space shuttle of enchanted kingdom.

Bonus- Its located at Libertad Sports Complex so the place is spacious, non muddy.
Watch out- Street urchins extorting you for supposedly guarding your vehicle.

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