Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summer Heat

Summer is here. The heat it brings pushes us to look for ways to cool down. Sweltering heat equals damp with perspiration t-shirts, oily face and hair. So instead of just staying at home and racking up the electric bill, we opted to go out. For two days in a row we tried one halo-halo from Rosario's Grill (an unlikely place, I know) and of course, Weegol's Buko Halo. Would you believe I forgot to take a photo of Rosario's Halo-halo? Well, to tell you frankly, aesthetically and gustatorily speaking, you didn't miss anything.

Behold the appetizing looking Weegol's halo-halo-

Actually I just like the green table. Adds a certain omph to the picture right? Hehehe right na lang.


Maria Louella said...

waaaaaa.......i miss the buko halo!!!!!!!! looks so yummyyyyy.....
:-) Wewe

Layrayski said...

Hahaha looks like I know what you'll be having when you come home this december heheheh

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