Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking for the perfect tiles?

My friend was asked to buy some floor and wall tiles by her parents. Being a "good" daughter she obliged, bringing me along for the ride. It was a good thing that I brought my camera, and my cellphone is fully charged. I gotta go capture Butuan!

Here are the photos I caught while going back and forth from City Hardware, Ace, Butuan Tile whatever... Actually I forgot where we bought the tiles after going back and fro from wherever.

It makes me sad looking at old broken down buildings.

Progress. There's good news. Remember the time when 15 minute rain can already bring overflowing water in the gaisano area? Well, it doesn't happen anymore. At least not at only 15 minutes.

The photo probably only Urians would find interesting.

Hardware district.

I'll update this blog as soon as I can. Ciao.

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